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The Dockton Project.

In 2016, King County Parks approved VMBA's proposal for a Community Partnership Grant to provide Vashon Island with a mountain biking experience in keeping with the developments in the sport. The proposal includes mountain bike specific trails for all ages, ability levels, and riding styles and was split into several phases. 

Phases 1A and 1B COMPLETE! 


Phase 1A is the beginner loop. Completed in 2016, the trails east of The Clearing on the main trail off of 260th consists of an "up" trail—Gravel Grinder, and two descending trails—Erratic and UFO. Erratic is a cross country trail with bridges and a rock rolls. UFO is a flowy jump trail. These are beginner trails designed to be fun skill- and confidence- builders. 

Phase 1B was completed in 2017 and introduced trail west of The Clearing. It features intermediate descending trails and a climbing trail. It offers continued skill progression and fun for all riders. By taking the feeder trail north from the clearing, riders access Bumpy Monkey and Flying Monkey, named for the K2 bikes that were tested and designed in these very woods. Dr. Jekyll, Elixir, and Mr. Hyde are to the south. Conceived as a single hybrid XC/descending flow trail, the trails can be ridden ala carte. 

NEW TRAILS print map.jpg



Phase 1C has something for everyone:

A pump track designed for mountain bike skill development and an additional beginner flow trail will appeal to families and riders of all skill levels.


An intermediate/advanced dual slalom trail gives riders of Dr. Jekyll and Elixir an exciting new way to descend and race a friend.


An advanced technical cross country trail will allow riders to refine their bike handling skills.


Two advanced/expert jump lines will provide new and greater challenge to riders who have mastered the Monkeys.

Phase 2 and 3, TBD.

The intention of Phase 2 is to build a long cross country loop that expands mountain bike specific riding to the north of 260th. 


The map included here is the one we included as Phase 2 of our approved proposal. It is conceptual only. 

The mountain bike pump track originally included in this phase is included in Phase 1C. 

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